Removable partial or full dentures replace teeth that you’ve lost through unfortunate accidents, injury, or gum disease. Dental prosthetics help restore a full smile and prevent your remaining teeth from shifting. Dentures also correct teeth alignments to improve your biting and chewing ability, speech articulation, and provide support to your cheeks and lips for a more youthful appearance.

Denture Options

Let our doctors examine your mouth and recommend the best solution. We have an in-house lab where you can have partial dentures made and broken ones repaired within an hour. Dentists may recommend the following denture options:

  • Partial – Replaces multiple teeth on upper, lower, or both arches and may be attached to hidden clasps fitted on existing teeth
  • Full – Replaces all teeth in upper, lower, or both arches using natural suction of denture adhesives
  • Implant-Retained – A more stable solution that cancels out all the hassles associated to denture affixing and removal

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