Dental Emergencies in Brights Grove

We Offer Dental Emergencies in Brights Grove

Dental emergencies can happen when we least expect it. Call Lakeside Family Dental for emergency dental services. Bright’s Grove residents can appreciate immediate assistance after an accident or when in pain.

If you need emergency treatment call us right away at (519) 704-4000. Dental emergencies can cause a great deal of pain and other serious health problems. If you have a dental emergency, call Lakeside Family Dental at (519) 704-4000. Outside of our regular clinic hours, our voicemail recording will prompt you on how to get help through our emergency number.



Teeth can break when we bite into hard food, get injured while playing sports, or occur from other accidents or injuries. When this happens, seek dental help right away to avoid any further pain or possible infection.


If one or more of your teeth are knocked out, it may be possible to save your teeth by reimplanting them in your mouth. First, you must call your emergency dentist in Bright’s Grove. Then, rinse the tooth (or fragments of the tooth) in clean, lukewarm water. Make sure you hold the tooth by the crown in order to keep it free of bacteria. Save the tooth or fragments in a sterile or clean container filled with milk until you can get to the emergency dentist or endodontist.


Abscesses are a serious infection that requires immediate emergency care. If left untreated, this infection can spread to other parts of the body, which could require hospitalization.


Loose dental fillings can be painful and ultimately, they can damage your teeth. An exposed tooth is vulnerable to bacteria that can more easily infiltrate a tooth’s interior. Your emergency dentist can recommend protective measures that you can take until your tooth can be filled.


Numerous dental problems can cause toothaches. Until you can see your doctor, you can alleviate pain and swelling by applying ice packs. Ask your doctor about over-the-counter pain medications that won’t interfere with any other health issues you may have.

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